The VoxxHPT Process starts by triggering precise nuero-responses in receptors on the bottom of the users feet. This information travels through the somatosensory  pathways and peripheral nervous system to reach the brainstem and central nervous system. Which The central nervous system process, integrate, and distribute commands based on the response from the foot receptors. The commands are both sent to the somatic and autonomic nervous system where they trigger control and response in various functions.
The Somatic Nervous System is responsible for skeletal muscle voluntary control of the body's movement. Where the Autonomic is the control system that regulates bodily functions such as heart rate, digestion, and respitory rate. Together these two systems have a direct impact on things like:
*Pain Mangement
*Spatial Orientation
*Respitory Control
*Motor Control
*Heart Rate Regulation
*Skeleton Muscle Control
All this means serious health benefits.. instant impact:
+Reduce Pain  +Increase Energy +Improved Posture and Stability

VOXX HPT  achieves improvements in Neuro-Optimization, without drugs, without electricity, without surgery, and does it almost instantly. (drug free, Non Electrical, Non Envasive). Users see greater improvement in Energy, Stability and Balance, Improved Mobility, and Enhanced Pain Management and Increased Neuro-Function. In the ever changing world in wellness and health care, there is no other comparable technology
Thought leaders in Neuro Science call VOXX HPT "A century ahead of current neuro-tech and understanding." VoxxLife has had the technology independently verified for efficacy. The results are incredible...the benefits are Instant. Proven, Tested.
VoxxLife’s HPT, Human Performance Technology, is proprietary, exclusive and scientifically proven in independent testing.
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